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As a Personal Trainer, I endeavour to give my clients tailored, varied and enjoyable training programmes and nutritional advice to meet their specific health and fitness goals. I am passionate about educating my clients while offering my full support and guidance throughout.

High Intensity Interval Training is a fast and effective way to help reduce body fat and improve your cardio fitness with body weight exercises as well as resistance wor

Using equipment including battle ropes, kettle bells, sandbags, tyres and other functional tools to help you feel fitter, get leaner and feel stronger in everyday life – Functional training

In a group or one-to-one, circuit training is a fun and effective method of training that can give you a full body workout and leave you feeling energised

Helping you to adopt a healthier lifestyle, build a healthier heart and feel more energised. Regular exercise will improve your mood, combat health conditions and promote better sleep – General Fitness

Having the right training programme and diet plan will help you to lose excess weight, reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass, increase metabolism and build self esteem. – WEIG LOSS

(Strength training will help to increase muscle mass and therefore increase metabolism. You will look leaner, feel stronger and develop better body mechanics.


Sessions Prices
1 PT session £35
Block of 5 £160
Block of 10 £300

Through FREE initial consultation I will discuss your current fitness goals and will design your exercise program that is base from your fitness level, lifestyle, health requirements, exercises preferences, body shape and time frame. I provide dietary and nutritional guidance and advice which is tailored for your specific training program.

The PROGRAM will include:

1 PT Session Block of 5 Block of 10
£35 £160 £300
Initial Consultation Initial Consultation Initial Consultation
PT session Body Composition Assessment Body Composition Assessment
Personal Training Program Personal Training Program
Track Results Track Results
Sample Nutrition Plan / Advice
Unlimited Support via email or phone
1 Metafit Session


  • Strength training (weights, bodyweight)
  • HIIT Kettlebell Workout, Circuit training, Metafit, TRX, Stretching/Mobility